About CRM

CRM Inc. is a construction solution provider. We deal with temporary walls for commercial construction sites. The CRM Inc. temporary barriers are available at pocket-friendly prices, they are sturdy, professional and you can reuse them over and over again hence saving you a lot of dollars as you take one construction tender after another.


The CRM Inc. temporary walls are as easy as A, B, C to set up and to demolish at the end of the building. The walls are adaptable, modular and expandable. All we will need you to do is tell us what kind of barricade that you need i.e. the place of use, the height that is required, the length and the colour and we will design it according to your construction needs. What’s more, we will help you with the general layout and overall design of the walls.

The CRM Inc. temporary barriers are light in weight, easy to setup and breakdown, robust and durable hence you can choose to leave them in a place as a permanent structure. That is not all, the CRM Inc. temporary walls do not rust hence it will save you the painting expenses, they are safe to use, and they have a professional look.


The CRM Inc. temporary barriers are available in a range of colours to choose from, to which graphics, poster holders, light boxes, display cases and shelves can be added just for you as you will prefer to create the custom look that you want. What’s more, CRM Inc. barriers do not leave any mess to be cleaned since they are custom made into easily joined shapes that fit into each other perfectly.

When you use CRM Inc. temporary walls, you can save yourself a lot of money and time since they are easy to assemble and demolish. You can move them from one construction site to another and reuse them; they are made of Vinyl laminated finish hence they are also easy to clean and maintain because they have no dust, and you can adjust them to any configuration that you wish.